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Mr. Rohit Bakshi


Rohit Bakshi


Mr. Rohit Bakshi, born and raised in Japan, is an entrepreneur and the Director/Founder of 3BL Japan. He has been the driving force behind the idea of 3BL. His unmatched love for the sport of basketball, took him to various continents and exposed him to various enthusiasts across the globe. Being a professional basketball player till 2016, it was during his visit to India in the year 2009, where he witnessed amazing basketball talent. The extreme potential, poor opportunities and impressive skill-set determined him to establish a professional setup in the country and overseas that could foster elite competition and lay down a professional career path for the aspiring youth.

Who We Are

  • 3BL has been officially recognized by FIBA for the rights to 3×3 professional basketball leagues in Croatia, India and Thailand.
  • 3BL holds the right to compete directly from each country in the international FIBA 3×3 circuit, such as Challenger and World Tour, which is the dream of every 3×3 player. 3BL holds the right to directly compete in the FIBA 3×3 international circuit such as the Challenger and the World Tour.
  • It is recognized as a league with a high global standard for prize money and points awarded to players based on match results, The league is a league in which players representing their countries participate with the aim of competing in the World Tournament and the Olympics.

The value that 3BL can provide

  • Offering the highest points and prize money of any existing national league, as well as World Tour and Challenger berths to the top teams.
  • Create a new and engaging sporting experience that even non-sporty spectators are sure to enjoy, based on know-how that has already proven successful in many countries.
  • Real-time distribution of the best league matches from Japan to 3×3 fans around the world via social media.

Significance of 3BL JAPAN

  • Creation of employment opportunities for domestic 3×3 professionals and related personnel
  • Raise the level of competition by creating opportunities for domestic 3×3 professionals to compete on the world stage.
  • To further increase awareness of 3×3 in Japan, a country with a large athletic population and sports fan community.
  • To increase the number of children and young people aspiring to become professionals through the above